Helping Families Find Comfort and Peace of Mind

home-graphicNW Senior Resources offers a variety of services to assist seniors and their families in meeting their needs. Our goal is to help seniors and their families navigate through the process of finding the perfect living arrangement.  We provide information on independent living, assisted living, memory care, residential care, adult care homes and skilled nursing care.

We are able to connect our clients to community resources and service providers, such as home care agencies, adult day care, chore and personal care, counseling, legal and financial services, respite services and caregiver support. We can offer additional resources such as realtors, movers, organizing companies, estate sale companies and other professionals, when needed.

How Our Services Work: 

Our services are generally no charge to clients. We are most often paid when you move to a community or care home, if we referred you there. If for any reason we are not paid by a provider, we do reserve the right to charge a one-time nominal Consultation Fee of $250. We work with the vast majority of all the Portland metro area’s senior housing opportunities. We must be the first contact to a provider on your behalf.

When you request our assistance, we will complete an intake questionnaire to help us determine what type of housing will be the best fit. We will ask about care needs, geographic desires, social and activity wishes as well as budget information. When possible, we will meet with the individual to better understand their wishes and needs. We may also request information from medical providers, such as skilled nursing facilities.

The next step is to visit options. In most cases we will accompany you on these tours. We will ask questions on your behalf and guide you through the process. We will look at a facility with experienced eyes, while you determine if you or your loved one would be comfortable in this setting.

Once a move has been made, we will complete a follow-up visit. We will check on our clients, as well as consult with staff. We also bring a small welcome gift. Our hope is to comfort and offer support.

Julie you were so absolute a hit with everybody at our caregiver support group meeting. You have such a warmth for caregivers and others alike that people just warm up to your every word and enjoy your company. One son told me that you were so helpful and what a joy it brought to his mother hearing you.

David G.