7 Reasons to Work with a Senior Housing Advisor

Streamline your search for senior living by using a local senior housing advisor. Referral services take the headache out of finding the right home for you or your loved one.

Searching for senior living for yourself or a loved one can be frustrating.

Comprehensive, all-inclusive information isn’t easy to find. It’s not located in one central place. Finding accurate details about care services and pricing is time-consuming. And, comparing details of one facility to another quickly becomes overwhelming.

Seniors and their families turn to local referral agencies for help.

Senior advisors gather information about your specific care needs, finances, personal preferences, and social needs. Then they recommend the best senior communities that match your criteria.

7 ways referral advisors make your senior housing search quick and easy:

1. Senior referral agents personally tour and preview the senior communities in the areas they serve.

  • You save time. Don’t waste days visiting communities that don’t match your preferences and personality.

2. Senior housing advisors gather and maintain comprehensive data on each facility’s services and prices.

  • Care facilities don’t provide the same services across the board. The state sets certain minimums, but facilities set their own limits.
  • Avoid frustration. Working with an advisor means you only interview facilities providing the services you need.

3. Referral agents evaluate management, staff turnover, consistency of care, and fulfillment of services.

  • They review the state surveys and complaints. They look for patterns of neglect that show poor management and training.
  • When working with an advisor, you can feel confident about the safety of a loved one. Agents won’t refer communities with a history of complaints and non-compliance.

4. Agents know a community’s culture through personal experience.

  • They build relationships with senior housing owners, managers, and staff. Agents sense what styles will match yours.
  • That means you’re more likely to find a community that matches your values.

5. Experienced agents network with other referral advisors and senior professionals.

  • They “compare notes” in informal ways.
  • After all, communities go through management changes. And service performance may suffer. Take advantage of up-to-date information that advisors share with each other.

6. Referral agents narrow your options to the top best matches.

  • They make all the calls for open vacancies. And they double check the home can meet the care needs.
  • Then they schedule tour appointments and act as a go-between.
  • Make the best use of your time. Get help asking the right questions when visiting a community.
  • Plus, your private contact info remains private until you’re ready to share it. The agent acts as a buffer from annoying marketing and sales calls.

7. Senior housing advisors don’t usually charge for services.

  • The community or care facility pays them a referral fee. If for any reason, they don’t get paid for services, there may be a nominal consulting fee charged to the client.

Only work with State registered agents:

    • They’re insured and bonded.
    • They passed criminal background checks.
    • They follow the required education, training, and experience guidelines.

Feel confident about your agent and services provided:

    • Review their disclosure form.
    • Verify they’re a registered agent with Oregon Department of Human Services.

To the point

Find senior living that’s the right match for you – without the headache. Make your search fast and easy. Rely on the experience, scrutiny, and advice of a local senior referral advisor.