Medicaid Information

Medicaid Information When Seeking Housing

When looking for Senior Housing, the reality is that many communities and care homes do not have a Medicaid contract. Others who do have a Medicaid contract may request private pay funds to pay for the first one or two years of occupancy. Others still may accept Medicaid but not have any Medicaid availability. Many communities have a limited number of apartments budgeted for the Medicaid reimbursement rate.

Finding a direct Medicaid vacancy can be difficult. The number of communities or care homes who are willing to accept Medicaid is limited. Those who will accept a new resident with no private pay (or even those with 3 to 6 months) funds upon move in are even fewer. Below are some tips that may help in your search.

  1. There is an updated process to apply for Medicaid. The choices are…
    a. To start the Medicaid process, please visit This is the required application process.
    b. Call the Virtual Eligibility Center (VEC) at 800-699-9075
    c. Contact the Aging and Disabilities Resource Center (ADRC) at 1-855-673-2372
  2. When being screened for Medicaid, make sure you answer the questions as if you are being asked about your most difficult days. For instance: If you can dress yourself but some days it takes 45 minutes due to muscle aches or pain, you should mention those days.
  3. The County Office has staff to assist in finding vacancies for you. If you struggle to get help with that, we can send you a list of possible options.
  4. Start making phone calls. Start with the communities closest to your desired geographic location. If you don’t find a vacancy, work your way out geographically until you are able to get one.
  5. When you make the phone calls, the first question you should ask is “Do you have a direct Medicaid vacancy? If the answer is no, move on to the next community.

Medicaid phone Numbers by County in the Portland Metro area.

Clackamas: 971-673-7600 or 971-673-6600

Multnomah: 503-988-3646 or 503-988-9450

Washington: 971-673-5197

Aging and Disability Resource Connection: 1-855-673-2372 Statewide

Providence Elderplace: 503-215-6556

V.A. Info

Clackamas County V.A. Office: 503-650-5631

Multnomah County V.A. Office: 503-988-3620

Washington County V.A. Office: 503-846-3060

NW Senior Resources Medicaid Communities

NW Senior Resources encourages our clients to review the records of the communities and care homes we share with you. We review records regularly, however our view of a complaint may be different than yours. Please review and ask questions. We are not endorsing any of the communities listed.

Please review the current DHS records on communities.

The following is a list of local Medicaid accepting communities that may have direct Medicaid availability. This is not a complete list, it has been compiled as we learn about possible opportunities.

Listing of Medicaid Communities compiled by NW Senior Resources