Beth (April 2016)

I want to express my sincerest gratitude to Sarah Harwood of NW Senior Resources. When my mother experienced a health “event” which made her totally dependent on others for her daily care, I was overwhelmed. Sarah worked with my family to find the best placement for my mother. While Mother was in a skilled nursing facility, Sarah visited her, attended a care conference with me, and worked closely with the staff there. When the decision was made that Mother needed to go to an adult foster care home, Sarah used her experience and resources to locate 6 wonderful foster care homes near my home. She took us to each facility and knew the correct questions to ask and the correct things to look for. She helped us make the correct decision.  Much to my surprise, Sarah realized she knew my mother because they attended the same church together for many years.   What a wonderful blessing that is to us! Her kindness, patience, and caring helped us get through this stressful situation. My mother is now in a lovely foster care home, and Sarah will even visit her there!
Thank you Sarah!



I wanted to reach out and let you know how wonderful Sarah is.  She has been helping a client of mine move out of his home over the last several months.  He had been reluctant to move and it is clear that he really should not be living alone at home any longer.

Without Sarah’s care, persistence and expertise he might not have made the transition.  Sarah has taken time to help him shop for everything from a new chair to bed linens to ensure he gets settled into his new place.

I am sure you are already aware of how fantastic Sarah is, I am so grateful we had her available to help him!

David G.

Julie you were so absolute a hit with everybody at our caregiver support group meeting. You have such a warmth for caregivers and others alike that people just warm up to your every word and enjoy your company. One son told me that you were so helpful and what a joy it brought to his mother hearing you.


Just a quick note about my extremely positive experience working with NW Senior Resources - Julie Ouellette.  we are now in the process of transitioning my mother to the Markham House, that opportunity for us would not have happened at all without Julie's patient persistent and inspired guidance along the way.  Julie took the time to understand my mother's needs and align those needs with her very sound experience in the senior industry wand knowledge of the area.  Her keen sense of quality and timing has led us to a facility that I'm confident will be a significant improvement in care and an overall better fit for my mother.

I have and will continue to recommend both Julie and NW Senior Resources as an excellent service that helps make sense of a dizzyingly complex set of decisions in the search for appropriate care for a loved one.  Thank You once again, Julie.  I simply can't express how much I've appreciated your help and personal approach.

Amy K.
I was referred to NW Senior Resources by a kind doctor at OHSU when it became clear that husband’s medical needs were increasing, so much so that I would no longer be able to care for him at home. I was still in shock when I arrived to meet with Kay Loeffl who made time the very next day, but left feeling like I had the most compassionate and knowledgeable champion at my side. Even if someone gave you a list of all the senior housing/care options available in Oregon, you wouldn’t have time to build the relationships needed to know which ones have the right staff, resources and environment that are best for your loved one. As my husband’s condition continued to deteriorate, when time was of the essence, Kay brought me to loving homes and made sure all the right questions were answered. For all her efforts on my behalf, I am so grateful. If you need help, Kay is the very best friend you’ll want at possibly the very worst time of your life.
Sue S

Sarah from NW Senior Resources was a calm guide for me during a difficult time with my mother. Sarah's experience, knowledge and especially her ability to take what was important for my mother and identify best fits was a godsend for me. I had questions about Alzheimer's and the difficult choices one must take into consideration and Sarah in a reassuring way helped me tremendously. I'm very fortunate to have heard of NW Senior Resources and to have worked with them.

Thank you, Sarah, from the bottom of my heart


Julie Ouellette your consultant was fantastic to work with in placing my mother in law on two separate occasions.  She was attentive to both my mother in laws needs as well as the family situation her guidance through the process was invaluable in helping us navigate through an extremely difficult placement situation.

We were fortunate to be able to find her.  She is compassionate, efficient, and skilled at finding the best place possible. I can’t thank her enough for all her hard work and recommend her wholeheartedly.


I would never hesitate to recommend Julie from NW Senior Resources to a friend or neighbor for advice in helping with a relative or friend to help you.  She was a God send in helping me with my husband.  She was able to find the perfect place for him and she shows so much compassion.


Thank you Julie, is really insufficient, but I hope you know you helped us resolve a horrible crisis.  You were an objective voice in the middle of a lot of emotions.  And you were able to locate top notch places very quickly. Now my promise to my dad that I would take good care of her is mostly fulfilled.  I know he would wish her to be at home.  But she is safe and secure with a high quality care home and has people around her. I am hoping we can bring her home on a regular basis, now that she is a little stronger.  Please know you have my deep gratitude.  You alleviated a huge trauma for my mother, for me and for my children.

Ann H.
Thank you so very much Kay...  for all of your time and effort in finding my mother the perfect place. I know I was very picky but you were always patient and understanding. It's obvious you love your job and your clients are so lucky to have you. Thank you for everything you did for my mother and my peace of mind. You are truly a blessing to both of us.
L. Baker

We cannot say enough about the exceptional service provided by NW Senior Resources.  This is the second time we have utilized their expertise in connection with our elderly parents and our second outstanding review.  They are thorough, dedicated, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable.  First, Kay conducted a detailed interview of our needs and requirements.  In a very short time, Sarah arranged a number of excellent facilities for us to tour and assisted in asking both insightful questions of the managers and discussing pros and cons with us.  They are both terrific!  We give them our highest recommendation and would definitely use their services again.

Victoria Sackett, Washington, DC

When my sister and I discovered that our 93-year-old mother was in a perilous financial situation, we needed to move with extreme haste to find another living situation – all made more complicated because I live 3000 miles away. Late that evening, after each of us had made dozens of frantic, fruitless phone calls, we found Sarah Harwood. The clouds parted, the sun came out, and she did what she does best – set about finding a solution. She said to each of us, “This is going to be all right,” and we believed her. In the midst of the extreme anxiety involved in caregiving for our beloved family members, Sarah is an island of calm, efficient brilliance. We could not be more grateful for her help. And everything was all right because of her.